Jisho: Sexual terms


Ashikoki Using feet to manipulate partner's penis.

Bara See anime page.

Bukkake Sex practice in which men ejaculate on someone. May be seen in some porn or hentai anime. Bukkake may also refer to a type of Udon noodles (see food page). See Wikipedia or Everything2.

Burusera Shops where schoolgirls' used panties are sold to men. See also serafuku (clothes page). See Wikipedia.

Ecchi See anime page.

Erochikku Erotic.

Eroge See arts & entertainments page.

Furi Kuri Slang for squeezing and twisting, or more specifically, for fondling a woman's breasts. (At least that's what I've read about the title of the anime "Furi Kuri," aka "Fooly Cooly," or "FLCL." But I'm not entirely sure if it's true or not.)

Futanari Hermaphrodite. Also refers to anime or manga including hermaphroditic characters. See Wikipedia.

Hentai See anime page.

Iku I'm coming! (Said when achieving orgasm.)

Lolicon Lolita complex. Can refer to pedophilia (interest in underage girls, as opposed to shotakon) or to anime or manga with a lolicon theme. See also Lolita (clothes page, under fashion trends). See Wikipedia, TV Tropes, or Everything2.

Saabisu See anime page.

Sefure Sex friend. Friend with whom you have sex without a romantic involvement.

Seiteki Sexual.

Shokushu or shokku-shu kei Tentacle porn (or tentacle rape). Porn or hentai in which... oh hell, you know.... See Wikipedia, TV Tropes, or Everything2.

Shotacon Can refer to pedophilia (interest in underage boys, as opposed to lolicon) or to anime or manga with a shotacon theme. See Wikipedia, TV Tropes, or Everything2.

Shoujo ai See anime page.

Shounen ai See anime page

Tareme See general terms page.

Wakamezake literally means "seaweed sake," and refers to drinking sake from a cup formed of the space between a woman's thighs and pubic area. See Wikipedia.

Yaoi See anime page.

Yuri See anime page.

See also: Wikipedia: List of Japanese sex terms and Hentai dictionary

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