For years now, I have occasionally thought up ridiculous little pokémon jokes, and enjoyed sharing them with my cousins. Alas, I now can hardly remember any of them. But the few that come to mind, I'll put here. If I remember any old ones later, or make up any new ones, I'll add them to this page. (If I remember to do so. Usually when I make up new pokéjokes, I'll forget to do it.)

Did you hear that a group of Xatu were starting a chain of supermarkets in the Midwest to sell their own brand of canned and frozen vegetables? They call their company Green Giant Eagle.


If some people make a list of pros and cons to help them make a decision, do pokémaniacs make a list of Plusle and Minun?


Q: What do you call a skiing pokémon?

A: Pikachu Street.


Q: What would you call a water/ghost type pokémon?

A: An Evapparition.


If you went to the hospital and had to get an intravenous drip, and the spot where they attached it started hurting, would you say you had an I.V. sore?

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