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Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
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13 episode OVA series made in 1991-92. It's set in UC 0083, three years after the One Year War. A group of Zeon who have been biding their time to reopen the war with the Federation, make another bid for independence. And, y'know, they do some damage. And a Zeon named Gato steals one of two new Gundams, which apparently the Federation wasn't supposed to be building any more of. This Feddy pilot named Kou Uraki ends up piloting the other Gundam, but eventually both are destroyed, and then he ends up piloting an even more advanced third Gundam, while the Zeon try to drop a satellite on the Earth. And there seems to be some Zeon infiltration of the Federation military command, as well as perhaps some treason within the Zeon military itself, though I had trouble following parts of this.

Anyway, so far this one is my least favorite Gundam series ever. It's so boring most of the time, and the relationship stuff is just stupid. I don't even feel like trying to give a rough outline or even name any more of the major characters. But still, it's Gundam, and I want to try to watch all the Gundam stuff eventually. At least there were a few good lines, like the time Gato shouted at Kou, something like "I'm the enemy, you idiot!" And I had to respect Delaz's last words before Cima shot him, "Sieg Zeon."

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