Anime OVAs I want to see
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All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
The Animatrix (4 of these are ONAs, one theatrical, others OVAs)
Battle Angel
Black Jack
Bubblegum Crisis
Devil Hunter Yohko (I've seen a bit of this but don't remember anything about it)
Gundam (any OVAs I haven't seen yet)
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (I saw this on TV once, but I should see it again to review it)
Hellsing Ultimate
Kujibiki Unbalance
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
Naruto (any OVAs I haven't seen yet)
Oh My Goddess!
Otaku no Video
Record of Lodoss War
Strike Witches
Vampire Hunter D (saw it once, but need to see it again to review it)
Vampire Princess Miyu
Voices of a Distant Star (CoMix Wave Films)

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