O Rukia
(to the tune of "O Christmas Tree")

...but first let me say, I'm starting this page one night in April 2011. I first made up one stanza in my head I'm not sure how long ago, a couple years maybe. Never wrote it down. Maybe never had an exact, definitive version of the lyrics even in my head. I dunno. Anyway, it's meant to be amusing and mildly ecchi. Early tonight I came up with a second stanza. Because I was bored. And decided to put it online. It pretty much sucks because there's really no rhyme scheme and just doesn't flow very well, but that's okay because it's not meant to be good. It's meant to be stupid fun. And... now that I look at it, I realize it's not so much another stanza, unless I've forgotten a couple of lines, which I don't think I did. So, whatever, here goes anyway...

O Rukia, O Rukia
Your legs were made for schoolgirl skirts
Although you are a soul reaper
I liked you more in Karakura
O Rukia, O Rukia
Please ditch that long Shihakusho

Or if you nix serafuku
Then listen to my new idea:
O Rukia, O Rukia
At least dress more like Nemu