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Kon says: I should have posted this weeks ago but I forgot because I'm stupid

Here are some unseen exclusives from The Best Adult Swim Page on the Internet. I was going to put up a Writers section with profiles of all the writers, but no one wrote one except me and ekt, so the section never got started. So, here is the profile I wrote for myself but never put up:

Kon was born long ago in the past where he spent his earliest years living next door to a sitcom cast. His wacky antics and hilarious one-liners gained him international fame and fortune. Once the sitcom started not being awesome, he invented skateboarding, and won first prize in every single skateboarding competition ever held.

At only the age of ten, he punched Superman in the face (the actual Superman, not the actor that plays him) and once Superman started crying Kon knew he'd be swimming in tang for the rest of his life. He quickly became one of the leading names in the American film industry when he wrote and directed the Godfather, invented Star Wars, and played James Bond in every single Bond film, all in one day without even trying his hardest.

Hollywood's most glamorous leading ladies were just straight up begging for his nuts, they were all like "We don't care if we're in a three or even four-some, we just want some of you Kon". Aside from that, most people know him from re-inventing rock and roll with his band, but little did most of the American know that during his whole entire world tour, Kon was also a secret agent with the CIA.

Sick of his own non-stop awesomeness, Kon turned to the internet. He set up a webpage about how much he hates anime, video games, and other things nerds love, and though the website was despised by many, the world eventually came to realize the genius of it. Unfortunately, this was long after Kon disappeared into parts unknown by using the time machine that he designed and built all by himself.

Kon adds: It was written as a middle finger to all the Toonzoners and everyone who thought I was "full of myself". I think it rules

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