Otakuphrenia: Jisho

"Jisho" is Japanese for dictionary or lexicon.

These terminology pages were originally intended to include info on Japan and China, but should actually include stuff from various other countries in the Far East. It'll still be mostly Japan, though. You may generally assume a word is Japanese unless stated otherwise. Please feel free to contact me to ask questions, make suggestions concerning terms included here, or suggest others to include... Trust me, there's a great deal I don't know, and alot of stuff here I don't know much of anything about. To a great extent, I'm learning this stuff as I work on these terminology pages. Please let me know if I get anything wrong. (I can tell you it seems common to leave the "u" out of "ou" pairings in the anglicized version of many Japanese words. Also in English, single compound Japanese words are often broken up into two or more words. Other times, single anglicized words consist of several words in Japanese. But I wouldn't worry too much about any of this, since when you think about it, using the English alphabet to transliterate words from the Japanese alphabets is to a certain extent arbitrary, anyway.) There may be some entries which could cross over between categories (pages), but I do my best to pick the best category in which to include them, even if I'm not always entirely happy with my choices.... Please also note that on the "people" page, one of the subheadings is "specific people." I'd kind of like to move that to a separate page, not as part of the jisho, because... actual people's names don't really belong in a dictionary, you know? But maybe famous people are sort of part of the popular lexicon, I guess. So, whatevs. It's not really important....

  • Language Lessons
  • general words
  • anime & manga
  • architecture & establishments
  • arts & entertainments
  • clothing & fashion trends
  • conversation & exclamations
  • culture & society
  • festivals & traditions
  • flora & fauna
  • foods & drinks
  • geography
  • history
  • martial arts & related stuff
  • mythology
  • people & organizations
  • religion, philosophy & medicine
  • sexual terms (DISCRETION ADVISED)
  • stuff (objects, vehicles, furniture, etc.)

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