Gallery: Esurance

Erin Esurance

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On this page are a few pics I ganked from the official website (though the site doesn't seem to have a section for Erin anymore). For pics from specific commercials, click on the ad titles in the left frame. Most caps I made from online videos (which tend to be pretty small), either at the official website or elsewhere (I forget where, but probably on one of the sites linked to under "Erin Links"). But there are some ads for which I made caps from stuff I recorded off the TV... (It sure would be nice for them to put out a DVD of all their ads someday, but I doubt that'll happen.) There are also a couple of pages that have stuff I scanned from magazine ads.

Anyway, these days I prefer to wait til I catch ads on TV, so the caps can be bigger, possibly clearer, and certainly easier to catch, frame by frame instead of hitting pause on online video, y'know? But looking at their website, there are a few ads that I've never seen on TV, or just don't happen to manage to record. So my gallery is incomplete, and maybe someday I'll go ahead and just try making caps from online video. But seriously, even for the old ads for which I already did that, I'd like to someday make larger caps than online video allows. Sigh.... Anyway, I do try to list all the ads in the left nav frame, even if I don't have pages for them here.

Oh yes, there were also wallpapers you could download from the official site (when it still existed). I've uploaded some of them to my site, and cleverly hidden links to them in my various ad galleries here. So see if you can find them! Hours of fun!

See also Esurance commercials in the TV commercials section of my website.