Otakuphrenia Gallery: Neopets (Fairies)
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Well... I used to have a gallery for Neopets Faeries. Then one day I deleted it. Now I've decided to rebuild it from scratch. So that's fun. Oh, and I should mention that in the nav-frame to the left, I have divided faeries under different types (Special, Air, Dark, Earth, Fire, Light, and Water). The "special" faeries don't actually have elemental types. And originally I don't think they all had names, though some did. Others were given names later, but I haven't bothered to learn them; I just continue using the titles they've always had. And anyway, some may be new faeries who assumed the title after another faerie... retired, or died, or disappeared, I dunno. I don't read enough Neopian history to know about all that. So some pics I include under a title may actually be of different faeries, I can't be sure. As for the elementals, some have names and may be very important, while others are just random. Then again, some who I list as random may in fact have names, but it can be hard to be sure, so... I don't venture to guess. If I put a name here, I'm reasonably sure I know what I'm talking about; whereas if I say "random," I may not....

Another category in the nav-frame is "Group," which itself will have a few subheadings. The "Dark Faerie Sisters" get their own heading, because they're pretty much always seen together (though I do have a few individual pics of them under the "Dark Faeries" category, as well). There's a heading for "The Drenched," a trio of water faeries who are always together. There's also a heading for "Illusen & Jhudora," since they're often seen together- because they're bitter rivals (though any icon pics of Illusen & Jhudora will go under "Various"). The "Various" heading is for any other pics with two or more faeries (of whom all may be known, all may be random, or there may be a mix of known and random faeries). There's also a category called "Random," which is just for a few pics I've found that I'm not even entirely sure what elements the faeries are... I should also mention that there's a pic under the Dark Faeries category, with a heading of "The Three." This is a group of ghosts or somesuch, only one of which is a faerie. I don't know any of their names, and I'm just assuming the faerie is supposed to be dark....

(nw): this means links will open in a new window, rather than in the frame to the right. Some of these links will be to images on my site, which are just too big for the main frame. Other links will be to pages on the Neopets site itself, which I generally do with the Advent Calendar and Neogreetings. Some of these things are animated, in which case I may capture individual images from the animation, and put them together on a page which opens in the right frame, which will also include a link to the Neopets page, so that you can see the full animation. For Advent Calendar or Neogreetings from which I select a single image, whether animated or not, the link to the Neopets site will generally be next to the link to the image, in the nav-frame, rather than on a page that opens in the right frame (though there may be exceptions to this).

All images in this gallery belong to Neopets, Inc. They are not mine, so don't take them.

I should say that most of the images come directly from the Neopets website, though there's one pic (the Dark Faerie Sisters, under "group") that is a scan I made of a folder I own, because... I just wanted a bigger pic of the image than could be found on Neopets (it's the same pic as a TCG card, basically). There are some pics I captured from a screensaver downloaded from the Neopets site; there are two air faeries, two dark, two earth, two fire, two light, two water, and one of Fyora. For each of the elemental pairs, there's one pic I label as "Basic" and one as "Uber," which refers to images of faeries from Neopets which are exactly the same, but smaller than these pics from the screensaver. (There are a number of other instances of the Neopets site using certain pictures in different ways in different areas of the site. I do my best to avoid including duplicate images in this gallery, rather including, in most cases, the one copy of a picture that I consider the best version (usually because it is the biggest available). Though there will be cases when I do have different versions of the same image.

Some sections of the Neopets site from which I've obtained images include:
Advent Calendar, Backgrounds (and other pages linked to at the top of that page), Caption Competition (which I label as "Caption Contest" in my nav-frame links), Collectable Cards, Faerie Cloud Racers, Faerie Personality Quiz, Faerie Quests, Gallery of Evil, Gallery of Heroes, Hall of Heroes, Neogreetings, Neopets Catalogue (trading cards, not to be confused with "TCG"), Neopets Premium, Press Kit, Trading Card Game (TCG), and various other areas throughout the land of Neopia (particularly Faerieland).

Image links in nav-frame labelled "Icons" will open collections of small pics potentially taken from various sources such as Buddy Icons, Faeries of Neopia, Fun Images, How to Draw, Neopedia, Neopian Times, Shopkeepers, and possibly other pages. (Some of these images may be animated.)

There are also a few pics I found on other sites, like Beckett (pics of magazine covers, though one magazine pic I took from Amazon.com; someday maybe I'll order backissues and make my own scans, or not). There are also some images from NeoDex, though any of those would have been taken from the Neopets site originally, anyway. And... possibly I took a few images from other sites, I forget where.

Ummm, also I guess I could mention that there's undoubtedly some really good fanart out there, and I'd love to collect some in a Fanart gallery, but I probably never will. You could always look for some in Neopets' Art Gallery, which contains artwork submitted by the site's players (of course Faeries only constitute a fraction of the stuff there, so you'd have a lot to look through before necessarily finding any). There are surely other sites out there, not directly related to Neopets, where you might find other fanart, though it's possible some of them will include... inappropriate images....

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