Gallery: Disney Fairies
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This gallery is first and foremost for Tinker Bell, who, as we all know, is hot. If you doubt that, just spend a minute browsing in any Hot Topic. She appeals to kids, of course, and you can find her image on children's backpacks, bedspreads, party decor, etc., but she also appeals to teens and adults- yes, even to Goths. Perhaps especially to Goths. Anyway, years ago I read somewhere, though I can't recall where, that Disney's design for the character was based on Marilyn Monroe, which information I always took as a validation of the idea that she was hot, even before recent years in which she has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, and taken on a bit of a more obviously sexy design. (Or at least, I thought, not having seen the movie since I was a kid, that her new design was sexier. Watching it again now, she was sexier in it than I remembered.) But anyway, I discovered in December 2006, after looking at Wikipedia, that the Marilyn Monroe thing was just a myth or urban legend; her design was actually based on Margaret Kerry. Ah well, I didn't know who she was, but... it turns out she was rather hot, herself. So okay.

In any event, aside from being hot, I would also say that as symbols of the Walt Disney studio go, Tink is second only to Mickey Mouse himself. Not bad for a secondary character without even any lines, in an essentially non-franchise movie. But, who better to represent the magic of Disney, eh? Also, of course she's now part of a whole group of Disney Fairies who have a line of books (and merchandise), though alas I currently don't know much of anything about that. Perhaps because I'm an adult male rather than a young girl. Nah, that couldn't be it. I enjoy shojo anime, after all (and not just because I'm kinda ecchi), so I should try to get into that stuff sometime. I might like it, and without even really knowing them yet, I already know I like some of the Fairies, who are also hotties. Aside from planning to get the books someday (and manga), there's a series of CGI animated Tinker Bell movies out. Of course, I have more pics of Tink in my Peter Pan gallery, as well as my calendars gallery. This gallery will be for Tink and the other Disney Fairies as they appear in merchandise, perhaps someday the books and manga, and... I dunno. Whatever, mainly merchandise, some of which I own myself (and therefore scanned or whatever), and some pics I've found online (though some of the online pics will also be of stuff I own, just not all of them).

Image Source Credits

The gallery's background, I got from Playmates Toys (though that section of the website seems to be gone now), wherefrom I also took some wallpapers. The default image for the main page has obviously been taken from the official website. Sorry about that, Disney. Also I'm sorry that I couldn't find the image without the navigational stuff at the top, that's kind of annoying.... I also took some other images from the official site (both the main site, and Pixie Hollow, which is also official). I have deleted quite a few of the pics I used to have in the gallery, but some which remain may have come from sites such as, Fanpop!, The Bradford Exchange, The Hamilton Collection, ShopDisney (formerly the Disney Store),, good2grow. Oh, and there are some pics from Fairies Photo Mashup, though they're smaller than I'd like. Luckily, there were a few pics there that I already had bigger versions of from elsewhere. There's a pic of a figurine from Disney Movie Rewards. There's also a wallpaper I got from Mead, because I bought a Disney Fairies calendar. (The wallpaper I include from that deal is one of three; basically the same picture in three different sizes, though this one is brighter than the other two.) Anyway, there might be a few other sites I've forgotten getting pics from.(Many of these sites I've mentioned have lots of great Tink merchandise I'd like to get someday, though at least I've already gotten a few things.) Also on Tink's page, there is a series of screencaps I made from the end of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," labeled as "That's all, folks!" And there's a scan I made from volume 6 of "Disney's Wonderful World of Knowledge," and a scan of a 1950s Peter Pan peanut butter ad, from "The Official Mickey Mouse Club Book." And a scan of a Halloween suncatcher, which I bought at Walmart. And a scan of a keychain designed by Romero Britto, which I got from Disney Movie Rewards. And a (wrinkly) scan of the package for a kite I got at Dollar Tree. And scans of playing cards.