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Bleach the Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion
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Caution: potential spoilers.

This is the second movie based on the TV series Bleach. I'm not sure when exactly it's set, but it's clearly sometime after the Arrancar story arc (which I haven't seen all of, as of the time I watched this movie). Anyway, Squad 10, led by Captain Toshiro Hitsugya and Lt. Rangiku Matsumoto, is protecting a royal procession in the Soul Society. A mystical artifact called the Oin is being transported to a new location. Suddenly, the procession is attacked by two girls (who look like Arrancar), as well as a man who is their leader. There's a fierce battle in which many soul reapers are killed, and Captain Hitsugaya leaves to pursue the attacker (who stole the Oin). Later, Head Captain Yamamoto orders Rangiku and all of squad 10 to be confined to barracks. It is imperative that the Oin must be recovered, and Hitsugaya must be found and questioned.

Ichigo Kurosaki is out on patrol, in the world of the living, when he comes across a barrier, which he cuts through, and finds himself on the battlefield in the Soul Society where soul reapers are still lying dead. He's confronted by the stealth force and Captain Soifon. (I don't know how he managed to get to the Soul Society, it doesn't make sense. I also don't know whether Soifon actually told him anything about what's going on.) Well, Ichigo is returned to his world. A bit later, he finds Hitsugaya, who collapses from wounds he'd incurred. Ichigo takes him back to his place to rest, but later Hitsugaya leaves. Ichigo finds him again, but then they're attacked by the two Arrancar girls. Ichigo is knocked unconscious, and Hitsugaya leaves.

Ichigo is found by Renji and Rukia, and they then meet up with Uryu, Chad, and Orihime, as well as Urahara. Ichigo had learned that whatever was going on involved someone named Kusaka, though Hitsugaya had said he was dead. He mentioned this to his friends, and later Renji returned to the Soul Society, to talk with Rangiku while the others remained in the world of the living to look for Hitsugaya. Joining Renji was Captain Kyoraku and Lt. Ise. Ise later does some research, and learns that Hitsugaya had a classmate named Sojiro Kusaka, at the Soul Reaper Academy. We also eventually learn that Hitsugaya and Kusaka had both gained control of the same power... basically, the same zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru. (This really shouldn't be possible, so that plot point never really made sense to me.)

Anyway, we learn about Hitsugaya's past with Kusaka. And about Kusaka's death, and how he had been reborn in Hueco Mundo. And now he wants to use the power of the Oin to become king of the Soul Society. (This part of the plot reminds me of Aizen's plan.) Well, there are several soul reapers who want to help Hitsugaya, after Yamamoto orders his execution, for reasons I won't get into. But basically, in the end, Ichigo and just about every major soul reaper confront Kusaka, to try and stop him after he unleashes the Oin's full power. I don't really want to say more than that (I've already said more than I intended), but naturally, the good guys win in the end, and everything returns to normal. Of course the movie has no bearing on the series, but it had plenty of cool action, some humor, and some decent drama. Though I probably wouldn't have liked it as much if I weren't already familiar with the characters and everything. And I guess that's all I can think to say....

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