anime reviews - feature films
(See also anime TV, OVAs, and ONAs)

So... I'm going to try my best to include in this section only anime movies that were released theatrically. This may include short films. It won't include TV movies, which I'll put instead in my anime TV section. The one thing that's probably going to be hardest for me, though, is OVAs. That's because sometimes, no matter how much research I may do online about a particular title, I may never be 100% sure whether or not it was ever released in theaters, particularly because a lot of sites that list anime titles won't specifically refer to anime movies that were originally released on video as OVAs, which really irks me. But, like I said... I'll try my best.

Whenever possible, I'll include links to Anime Characters Database (ACDB), Anime Galleries, Anime News Network (ANN), IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, TV Tropes, Wikia, and Wikipedia.

For more information, see the introductory notes on the main page of my movie reviews section.