Why Anime is Better Than Cartoons

by LovelyLuna

First of all, what a lot of people donít understand, is that anime and cartoons are not the same thing. There are many reasons for this. Anime comes from Japan and Cartoons come from America, so right there you can see why Anime is better than cartoons.
First of all, Anime is for adults and mature people. The ideas and art expressed in them are aimed at a grown up audience.

Those American cartoons are stupid and immature and are for little kids, which is why we call them cartoons, not anime. Cartoons donít really express ideas, theyíre just for little kids in diapers.

Anime is full of beautiful and profound artwork.

Not like those stupid American cartoons which are only for mcdonalds toys

Also, animeís plots and story lines are deep and meaningful, and are about important issues and poetic ideas, as well as issues relating to our own lives, and political issues. It is reflected in the Japanese language (its lost in the dubs so watch out for them) and the subtle artwork touches that the anime artists put in it.

These ideas the Japanese people express are way deeper and more beautiful than any of that inferior disney stuff

Most importantly, Animeís characters are really realistic, sort of the way Shakespeare is famous for his character development. Character development and the way each character is unique and realistic like a real person is what makes anime such a highly respected art form.

I personally love the anime characters, they are so realistic I can identify with them. Each one developed and deep, and has personal problems and complex personalities that bring them to life. No American cartoon can compare to the rich beauty and maturity of an anime characterís personality.

And, each anime is a unique contribution to the diverse collection of Japanese animation.

And seriously? Whatís up with all those crazy looney toons and stuff? Who watches that? I think that when we consider those pointless cartoons it is clear that anime is better than cartoons.
Most importantly, anime inspires me and millions of others to look at our lives and be better people.