Anime Fans are Nerdy Retarded Losers

Of all the fervent fan-bases in the world, the one I will never ever ever be able to understand is the anime fanbase. I cannot get why there are millions of Asian-wannabes who would watch any piece of shit that comes from Japan and love it no matter what. It seems like anyone who likes anime automatically has to love anything that is legally called anime. Now I'm not saying that all anime sucks, I'm just saying that all anime fans suck. (From now on I'll be referring to "anime fans" as "anime fags".) No so-called "otaku" has the ability to watch an anime and not like it more than they like any animation that has ever been produced in America. Now I'm not defending American animation and saying that it's all great, but-- no, fuck that, I am. All American animation is better than all anime. YOU SEE HOW FUCKING STUPID THAT SOUNDS ANIME FAGS???

The main problem with anime fags is that they'll pretty much flat-out say that all anime is great and that all American animation sucks, but they'll insult anyone and point out how stupid they are if they say that anime sucks. They're fucking hypocrites. Don't even bother trying to point that out to them, because they have no fucking way of even beginning to understand. To them, anime is life, anime is God, anime is church, and don't you even think that I'm exaggerating at all. Trying to get an anime fag to believe that any anime is less than perfection is like trying to get a devout Christian to believe that God doesn't exist. Again, I am not even exaggerating the tiniest bit. If you don't believe me, go try it. In fact, the first thing might actually be harder, and, sorry to repeat myself, I'm not joking. This is the only page on my website where I'm not going to even try to attempt to be a little bit funny, everything I say here I mean completely literally and seriously.

If nothing but anime was on TV at all times, anime fags would be happy. They don't need anything else. They have absolutely no ablity to differentiate between good and bad. To them, anime = good, anything else = bad. Their entire lives are completely black or white. They cannot watch a television show or movie or anything else that has ever been created and look at it completely objectively. If something is anime, they love it, if it's not anime, they hate it. If you like something that isn't anime, then you are stupid. They, however, are not stupid for hating everything that isn't anime. If it's not anime, it shouldn't be enjoyed by anyone in the universe. If a Japanese person draws a picture of a robot cock and puts it into the animation machine for 45 minutes, then it's great. Story, plot, character, design, none of that matters to a true anime fag. All that matters is that it can technically be called anime.

Now I'm not saying that all anime sucks, because if I did I'd be no better than the retarded anime fags. Out of all the anime ever created in the history of the universe, about .006% of it isn't a complete waste of time. Hell, one or two of them is actually good. In truth, I see animes as good or bad. If it's good, I like it, if it's not good, I don't like it. Same with American cartoons. Same with anything. Anime fags don't have the capability for that type of judgment.

Now, I wouldn't have as big a problem with anime fags if it wasn't for their interfering with the one thing I care about: Adult Swim, or more specifically, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Space Ghost Coast to Coast, as of this typing, has played six times in the year 2003. Any given Adult Swim anime is on four or possibly five times a week. Now, since they made an announcement about how all the Space Ghosts are edited down to 11 minutes, I'll give Williams Street the benefit of the doubt and say that they didn't play Space Ghost for a long time because they were busy editing them. But now that Space Ghost is back, anime is moved to Sundays, whereas before they were merely on for two hours a day every day. Starting in August, Adult Swim Sundays will start with an anime. That means that, out of a week, there will be fifteen hours of Adult Swim and nine and a half of them will be anime. 63.3% of Adult Swim will be anime. There is no excuse for that, none. Even if they have to play nightly marathons of The Oblongs and Harvey Birdman, that's still a more acceptable option than flooding Adult Swim with anime as they are.

Adult Swim is pissing me off more and more as time goes on. I thought I was pissed when they took Space Ghost off. Now they put Space Ghost back on, and made new episodes of all their original shows, and I'm more pissed off at Adult Swim than I've ever been. If Williams Street wants to see the only opinions of Adult Swim that are worth a shit at all, they should just read the greatest damn message board ever created: The Adult Swim Message Board. That's where the true Adult Swim fans post; the people who've been watching Adult Swim since day one, who've been talking about Adult Swim since before it started, and who've been watching Space Ghost for years before Adult Swim even existed. That is the only place to go if you want to see how Adult Swim really should be. Adult Swim needs less anime. It needs less shows like Futurama and Family Guy, I don't care how high the ratings are. Adult Swim needs to be something unique that you can't find on any other channel, and I don't mean in what shows it has, I mean in its humor and what it brings to television. The anime fags from the official forum are quick to say to anyone who doesn't love anime: "If you don't like it, don't watch it". I won't.

Fuck I don't know why I get so worked up over shit like this.