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Zoids New Century/Zero, TBS
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This is the third Zoids series (or second, if you count Chaotic Century as a single series). I believe it's set like 4000 years after Chaotic Century, but it's the first one I saw (because it's the first one Cartoon Network aired). And it's often just called "Zoids." Anyway, I haven't seen all of this series, and what I have seen has been fairly scattered and out of order, just cuz that's how I happened to tune in from time to time.

It's quite different from the previous series; rather than fighting in wars or peacekeeping or anything like that, it's about a sort of sporting competition. There are these different teams of zoid pilots who have battles to try to move up in the ranks of the whole zoid battle circuit or whatever. The show focuses on the Blitz team, mainly. It's kind of funny and stuff. The main character seems to be Bit Cloud, who was a junk scavenger or something, and joined the Blitz team and started piloting the Liger Zero, which eventually turns out to be some special kind of Zoid called an "Ultimate X." Also on the Blitz team are Leena Toros, who pilots the Gunsniper; and her father, Dr. Steve Toros, and um... some other guys. (Leena's probably my favorite character on the show.)

And then there's this other team with this guy named Harry Champ who is in love with Leena, though she's not interested in him. And there are other teams which are opponents and stuff, especially the Backdraft group, which seems to be run by (or in some way connected with) Dr. Laon, who is an old friend/enemy of Dr. Toros. And there are other teams as well as independent pilots and stuff, but I don't remember it all very well, and was never completely clear on what all was going on even while watching it. But it's a kinda funny show, I guess, and I wouldn't mind seeing it all in proper order, someday.

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