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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
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This is an OVA series, the first series in the Tenchi Muyo franchise ("Tenchi Muyo" translates as "No Need For Tenchi.") There are 20 episodes, which were released between 1992 and 2005 in Japan, but I saw the show on Cartoon Network in 2000, and I think only 12 or 13 episodes aired there, so there's more I need to see, someday. I should also say that there have been several Tenchi Muyo series, of which I have so far only seen three (this OVA series, and two TV series). Someday I hope to see all the various series and spin-offs.

The main character is Tenchi Masaki, who lives in Okayama, Japan, with his grandfather. Um, in at least one series his grampa is called Katsuhito, but his real name is Yosho. He is from the royal family of planet Jurai, which Tenchi will become aware of in the course of the series. He came here like 700 years ago and fell in love with a human woman and married her. Now, um... Tenchi's dad is Noboyuki. He's kind of clueless. He was married to Yosho's daughter, who died when Tenchi was young. But in the present, he's a teenager. And he's surprised by the arrival on Earth of several cute girls from outer space. They include Princess Ayeka and her little sister Princess Sasami, from Jurai; a space pirate named Ryoko (who is my favorite of the girls); a Galaxy Police officer named Mihoshi; and Washu, the greatest genius in the universe! (Washu is my second favorite; she's insane, and kind of evil, but fun.) Ayeka's a total... princess (and not in a good way). But she's still a friend and basically a decent person. Sasami is just this cute little kid who's the most sensible and helpful of the bunch. She does all the cooking and a lot of the cleaning and she's very friendly. Mihoshi is a total ditz and clumsy and annoying. She'd rather watch fictional Space Police on TV than actually do any police work herself, although she does try, but she's pretty inept. Anyway, Ayeka was supposed to marry her half-brother Yosho 700 years ago, but he disappeared. She came to Earth looking for him, but now she falls in love with Tenchi. All the girls do. Or most of them, anyway. But Tenchi isn't interested in being more than friends with any of them, so their attention embarrasses him. Also there is a cabbit named Ryo-Ohki who is extremely cute and adorable. (Cabbits are basically space rabbits that sound more like cats, and can transform into big, spiky space ships. And I have a plush one.) You'd think with her name in the show's title, Ryo-Ohki would be the most important character, but as far as I can tell, she's not of any great importance. Anyway, it's a terribly funny show and they all have plenty of strange adventures and stuff. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to rewatch the series and say more about it.

Tenchi Universe, TV Tokyo
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This is a 26-episode TV series, which aired in 1995, in Japan. I saw it in 2000, on Cartoon Network. It has all the same characters as the OVA series, but it's set in a parallel universe or something. I mean, the characters' backgrounds and personalities are basically the same, but the way they all ended up together and what they do once they all meet is different. There are perhaps a few other minor differences, but nothing too serious, though I don't remember it well enough to say any more. I'm sure I get various details confused between this series and the original OVA series. For example, I discovered online that Mihoshi's Galaxy Police partner, Kiyone, was introduced in this series. That really surprised me, because I could have sworn she was in the OVA series. Anyway, Kiyone is much more professional and competent than Mihoshi. She's often exasperated by Mihoshi's incompetence, and would like to be reassigned a new partner, but Mihoshi is totally loyal to Kiyone. Anyway... as with the first series, I'd like to rewatch this someday so I can write a proper review.

There are also a few movies, I guess. So far I've seen one of them, Tenchi Muyo! In Love, which is part of the "Tenchi Universe" continuity, set sometime after the series.

Tenchi in Tokyo, TV Tokyo
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This is another 26-episode TV series, which aired in 1997, in Japan. I saw it in 2000, on Cartoon Network. Once again, it has all the same characters, but set in a totally different continuity. There's also another new character, a seemingly normal human girl named Sakuya, who wants Tenchi's affections, which makes all the other girls even more jealous than usual. Another difference in this series involves Ryo-Ohki: in addition to turning into a big, spiky space ship like she does in all the series, she also sometimes turns into a giant pink battle mecha. Anyway, it's my least favorite of the three I've seen, but it's still fun. And I'd like to see it again, to write a proper review.

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