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Sailor Moon S: The Movie
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This is the second of three films based on the series "Sailor Moon"; specifically, it's set sometime during the third season, Sailor Moon S. It's mostly pretty redonkulous, but fun. It's only an hour long, but it definitely felt longer, so I guess I didn't like it that much... but it wasn't bad. And watching it now (in late December 2013) it feels kind of nostalgic, since Sailor Moon is one of the earliest anime series I ever saw, back in the mid-90s. (This movie was originally released in Japan in 1994. It aired on Toonami in 2001, but I don't remember if I saw it at the time.)

So anyway, there's this scientist named Kakeru, who has long believed in a Moon Princess whom he calls Snow Kaguya. And one night, he sees an unknown comet, from which falls a crystal that he recovers. Awhile after that, Luna the cat is feeling sick, and nearly gets hit by a car because she's so dizzy, but Kakeru coincidentally saves her and takes her home with him. Luna then thinks she falls in love with him. However, he has a girlfriend named Himeko, a scientist who is about to go into space on a shuttle mission. Though Kakeru and Himeko love each other, their relationship is strained by the fact that he believes in a Moon Princess, which she thinks is absurd and totally unscientific.

Meanwhile, there's this alien who I don't think is ever named in the anime, but Kakeru eventually meets her and thinks she's Kaguya, so that's what she ends up being called. Anyway, before they ever meet, Kaguya sends these creatures called snow dancers down to Earth to freeze everything, as well as to search for the crystal Kakeru had found, which Kaguya needs in order to freeze the entire planet, I guess. (I don't know why she sent it to Earth in the first place instead of just holding onto it, and I also don't get why it's so important, considering she and her snow dancers seem pretty good at freezing stuff even without it.) And um, for no apparent reason the crystal is making Kakeru very sick. So, um, the Sailor Scouts all have to fight against Kaguya and the snow dancers. And... other stuff happens, I guess. Like I said, it's redonk, and not really worth going into too much detail....

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