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Shin-chan, on TV Asahi
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Originally called "Crayon Shin-chan," apparently this had a previous English dub that wasn't that great. I dunno, I haven't seen it. But I watched a test run of 6 episodes on Adult Swim, with a new English dub. And later they started showing alot more episodes. Anyway, the main character is a kindergartener named Shin Nohara, who apparently has been called the Bart Simpson of the Japan. Though personally I think he's far more of a troublemaker than Bart, and the entire show has more of a South Park sensibility than a Simpsons one. Albeit without the, ahem, subtle social commentary of South Park. The show is just pretty crude, vulgar, and pointless. But that's not to say it isn't funny. I don't think it's terribly funny, but I find it amusing enough to keep watching, and I've grown to like it more over time.

Anyway, other characters include Shin's parents, Mitzi and Hiro, and his baby sister Hima, and dog Whitey. And various kids Shin goes to school with, including Georgie, Penny, Maso, Boo, and a self-centered rich girl named Ai who is in love with Shin. Although he doesn't seem to care about her, or anyone but himself, for that matter. And the other kids often get annoyed at Shin, though not enough to actually stop hanging out with him. And there are various teachers at school, though I haven't really gotten to know any of them. There's also Principal Ench, who has a secret identity as the superhero Ench-Man. And then there's another superhero, Action Bastard, who Shin and apparently most of the other kids like to watch on TV (he has a TV series, so he seems like a fictional hero, but I think he's also superhero in real life, since I saw Ench-Man pass him once).

Um. At one point Shin managed to blow up his family's house, or something, so they moved into a crappy apartment for awhile, and met a few people around there, including a guy named Yonro, who's always trying and failing to get into college. There's also a college student named Nanako, who Shin refers to as "Hottie Nanako." I can't recall if they first met when the Noharas were living in that apartment, or what. But while they eventually moved to a new house, or got the old house rebuilt or whatever, the show does occasional flashbacks to the time they were living in the apartment. So we sometimes see characters from that period... who might also sometimes show up even in the present. And there are any number of other characters, too many for me to bother keeping track of, who show up now and then. Including both Mitzi and Hiro's parents.

Anyway, I guess I can't think what else to say. It's all pretty random and crude, usually with several different stories in any given episode. As I said, I've grown to like it more as I've seen more of it. I guess I've just gotten used to it. Um... I also wanted to say that I quite enjoy the closing theme song (Party Join Us!). And yeah, I guess that's all I can say, for now.... Oh yeah, also, Shin likes to do something called the "ass dance." Yeah, um... you see his bare ass pretty often, and sometimes full frontal.

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