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Ocean Waves (PG-13), on Nippon TV
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This TV movie aired in Japan in 1993, with a title that translates as "I Can Hear the Sea". (I didn't see it until 2022.) Whether you call it by that name or "Ocean Waves", the title is perhaps misleading, because the movie really has nothing to do with the ocean or the sea. (The DVD cover is also misleading, because the scene it depicts doesn't appear in the movie; the two characters were never on a beach together.) I suppose it's meant to be a metaphor for emotions, which is fine, I just couldn't manage to care about any of the characters or their emotions. The movie was mostly reasonably well received by critics, I think, but to me it was just kind of boring, and the only reason I liked it at all was just because it's anime.

So, it's told from the perspective of a guy named Taku, who went to high school in Kochi with another guy named Yutaka. It's obvious that Yutaka had a romantic interest in a transfer student named Rikako, and the movie is supposedly about a love triangle in which Taku also has feelings for her. But to be honest, for most of the movie I wasn't sure about that; it felt more to me like Taku might have had secret romantic feelings for Yutaka, but I was wrong about that. And it never really seemed like Rikako had feelings for either of them. Anyway, a lot of stuff happens that didn't really interest me all that much, so I don't feel like trying to describe the plot any more than that. I guess it's not a bad movie, I just couldn't get into it.

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