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Outlaw Star, on TV Tokyo
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Gene Starwind and the brilliant young Jim Hawking somehow get caught up in the search for the Galactic Leyline. I couldn't begin to tell you what that is. Not that I don't know; I just don't know how to explain it. But anyway, I should mention that there are basically three powers in space: the space forces, who are the proper authorities; the outlaws, who pretty much do whatever they want; and the pirates, of which there are various factions or whatever. Several different groups including Kei pirates and space forces worked together on building an experimental starship, the XGP, which got hidden away. Now an outlaw named Hilda is looking for the ship, and Gene and Jim end up helping her find it. Along with Melfina, an android designed to interact with the ship, apparently. And an assassin called Twilight Suzuka gets involved. And eventually a crazy cat-girl named Aisha Clanclan, from the Ctarl Ctarl Empire.

Anyway, Gene and Jim and Hilda find the ship, which Gene renames the Outlaw Star. Hilda we won't see again, after this. Gene and Jim and the others will eventually have to go off looking for the galactic leyline, which the pirates also want to find. So do other groups, including a couple of outlaws named Ron and Harry MacDougal. Meanwhile, the Outlaw Star's crew do anything they can to get enough wong to pay for meals, repairs, and docking fees. Bounty hunting, space race, whatever. Usually they end up borrowing money from a guy named Fred Lowe.

Anyway, this series is awfully funny and there's plenty of adventure and details that make it often seem rather realistic, details such as never having enough money or forgetting to tie things down in the cargo hold, etc.... And there's lots of magic as well as technology, some tech even designed to counter magic. And lots of weird stuff happens. Um... not sure what else to say, just it's a fun show.

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