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MegaMan Star Force, on TV Tokyo
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I started watching this on Toonami Jetstream, but then that site ended, so I couldn't see much of the series. Anyway, it looks pretty similar to MegaMan NT Warrior, but it's set in the future (the year 220X, whatever that means). Of course, it's based on even more recent MegaMan video games than that other series, and again, I've never played them and probably never will. But it's okay I guess.

It's about this kid named Geo Stelar, who's father Kelvin was a scientist working on a space station. All around the world is a network of EM waves that... is useful for whatever, I don't much care. But it's invisible, unless you look at it through these glasses called visualizers. People also wear things called Transers on their wrists, which let them interact with the EM network, I guess. Anyway, something happened to the space station, and Kelvin is presumed dead. Because of this, Geo hasn't been attending school for awhile. So there are some kids, including the class president, a girl named Luna Platz, and a couple of guys, the nerdy Zack Temple and big goonish Bud Bison, who are all trying to force Geo to go back to school.

Meanwhile, Geo meets an alien called Omega-Xis, who is from a planet called FM. FMians live in the EM world, they're made of energy rather than matter. Omega-Xis is on the run from his fellow FMians, who consider him a traitor. He has some kind of key they want to get back, but I don't know much about that yet. Anyway, Omega-Xis ends up hiding out in Geo's transer, but he can also merge with Geo to become an EM human, and they take on the name MegaMan. Which makes me seriously doubt this is taking place in the same fictional world as the earlier series. Still, they do fight EM viruses together, and will also have to fight FMians. Not sure what else to say, but I do kind of wish I would have seen more of the series.

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