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Mon Colle Knights, TV Tokyo
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Not a great show, but very weird and crazy and silly and fast-paced and funny and cute. These kids Mondo and Rockna (the Mon Colle Knights) and Rockna's dad, Professor Hiragi, travel to Mon World looking for monster items. They have a little zeechi named Lovestar. (I'm not sure what a zeechi is, but it looks kind of like a really small kitten or something.) There's also an evil prince named Eccentro who along with his like henchwomen or whatever, Gluko and Batch, are looking for monster items. And everyone like summons monsters from these sort of trading cards and fight each other and stuff. It's weird. And funny. Did I mention cute? Dunno what else to say right now. I used to watch it sporadically on FOX, and then years later on Toon Disney. Unfortunately, it didn't last long there....

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