tek's rating: meh

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, on TV Asahi
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Caution: potential spoilers. Sort of.

It takes place in the 31st century, when the Bald Empire (or Margarita Empire, or Chrome Dome Empire, or whatever), led by Emperor (or Czar) Baldy Bald, has decided all humans must be bald. So teams of Hair Hunters go out shaving people's heads. This one guy, the title character, fights them. He uses his own body hair as weapons, mostly his nostril hair. Lots of utterly ridiculous things happen and Bo-bobo himself never really says or does anything that makes sense. And a girl named Beauty starts travelling with him. And soon after that, a creature joins them called Don Patch, who looks kind of like the sun or something. Bo-bobo and Don Patch are always doing crazy stuff together and totally frustrating Beauty and driving her crazy, and she always has to try to remind them of what they're supposed to be doing. There's also a boy named Gasser who follows them for awhile before they actually meet him. He's much saner than the other two, and also has a crush on Beauty (who calls him Gas Can, for some reason). Occasionally the group is joined by one or more other allies, some of whom are former enemies, most notably General Jelly Jiggler (who is, of course, made out of gelatin). Others we see occasionally include Softon (whose head is soft-serve ice cream), Hatenko, Torpedo Girl (who is a torpedo, and in love with Softon, vaguely to his chagrin), and Dengakuman (a chibi tofuish sort of figure). Of course there are also lots of lesser characters who pop up from time to time. Oh, and Bo-bobo often fights his own friends (mainly Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler), and then usually gets mad at his enemy for what he himself did to them. But anyway, Bo-bobo and the others all go looking for Hair Hunt Headquarters or whatever, to destroy the enemy once and for all. But it seems to take forever, in my opinion. Mostly because of how ridiculously the heroes act.

Apparently the series is a parody of countless other anime and stuff. Since the main characters get sidetracked alot, the stories don't always have anything to do with the main premise, but rather just totally random, silly stuff happening. Um... I think some of the crazy things that happen are called "wiggin's," which may actually be a kind of weapon... designed to psych out opponents, or something. Anyway, I thought the first ep kinda sucked, but after that I thought it started getting a bit funnier, once you get used to it. But it gets old before too long, and eventually I stopped watching. Sometime after some Hair Hunt Troops from like 100 years ago or something were resurrected. I guess. But then after awhile I found that the end of the series was near, so I watched the last few episodes. There was some kind of battle tournament going on to win gold medals and a chance to become the next czar, I guess. And then there were some other enemies, I forget what they were called but I think they had "dark" or "shadow" in the name, and came from underground, or something. And anyway, the last episode was heading into a major showdown, but didn't show it. It like intentionally ended without a resolution. Wow, hilarious. Whatever, the series could be amusingly weird, it was worth checking out, but... meh. Not really worth watching as much of as I did.

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