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When I first started this section of anime reviews, I included TV shows, theatrical films, and original video animation (OVA), all in one directory. But eventually, after many years, I finally decided my anime reviews section was getting just too darned crowded. So I moved movies into their own section, and did the same with OVAs, while leaving my TV reviews in the original section.

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ONA (original net animation)
Like OVAs, ONAs can come in various forms, including films both long and short, as well as episodic series. So far, I haven't seen nearly enough of them to justify starting their own section yet... in fact, for now I think I've only seen one: Blade Runner: Black Out 2022, a short film prequel to the live-action American movie "Blade Runner 2049." The only other ONA I know of that I definitely want to watch someday is "Sailor Moon Crystal," which I've listed both on my "anime shows I want to see" page and my animated webseries I want to see page. If I learn of any other ONAs I want to see, I may finally get around to starting a section for them in my anime reviews, or I may just list them in whatever already extant section (or sections) seem(s) most appropriate.

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