Greetings! Please bear with me while I make some changes. Originally this section of my site used frames. Later I set up a non-frames version so folks would have a choice. But now I've decided to make it exclusively non-frames, at least for the most part. A few subsections of Otakuphrenia will have their own frames. So... I need to try to redo some things. And hopefully at some point I'll actually make it look less boring, but I wouldn't expect anything too, um, flashy. Meanwhile, you can start by reading just what Otakuphrenia is all about, before looking at the other sections listed on this page...

Main sections

Links Anime Insider The above are two pages I've made, based on recurring features in Anime Insider, which was my favoritest magazine ever. Maybe at some point I'll add more such pages, I dunno. But either way, it should be noted that a lot of other sections of Otakuphrenia owe a debt to the magazine. Some of the words in the jisho I've learned from from AI. Some of the images in my anime girls galleries, I've scanned from AI (well, those scans are gone now, but they used to be there). A fair number of links have been obtained from AI, or else I was inspired to search for things based on something I read in AI. Every month I checked the connews page looking for convention links to add, and sometimes I added links to other sections of my website, for such things as toy or videogame manufacturers, which I learned about in AI. I was also constantly learning about new anime, manga, music, and other stuff I can't possibly afford, and therefore getting completely frustrated and happily miserable, because of AI. Yes, enough cannot be said about how great AI was.... (Sadly, April 2009 saw the final issue of the magazine.)


Otakuphrenia doesn't exactly have its own board, but if you're interested, please drop by Volcano Mountain's animation forum, just one of the many forums on my discussion board.

Adult Swim Webpage Articles

Adult Swim is my favorite programming block ever, both for its anime and it American cartoons, and even some live-action shows. (There are other blocks I also like that have shown anime, but Adult Swim is the best.) Anyway, this section is where I'll link to articles by other people, from an old site that was run by Kon (aka outerspacekid), The Best Adult Swim Webpage on the Internet. (Note: the articles were written in 2003-04. Since then, that site has disappeared, but it's still available via the Wayback Machine. So I'm copying the articles to my site. And I'll add some links within these articles, mainly when the articles mention a particular anime [or other show], I'll link to my own review of that show. Because I can.) I include these articles here to counterbalance my anime fannishness with some healthy dissing of the medium, lest we should begin to lose all sense of perspective. (Although obviously the articles are incredibly tongue-in-cheek. Mostly.)


I had written one for myself to use at the Adult Swim Webpage, since I did write a couple articles for the site (although I don't include links to them here). But the site never got around to doing a profiles page, so I put mine here, and invite anyone from that site or anywhere else to submit their own profiles to include here, if they like. Oh, and I later wrote a profile for AIMHO, a character that wrote an article for Gorilla Pirate, and maybe will write more sometime, though I didn't have the name AIMHO at the time of the first article. I wrote this later. Um... so, since I'm putting its profile here, I guess any sort of profile could theoretically go here for any reason, or no reason at all. Of course, this has nothing to do with anime....

Miscellaneous (You know, stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.)

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